God’s weapon of choice, be it for creation, as in this case, or destruction, is Ice, and….He has a special kind of ice- It’s on fire….yes, it’s on fire, more specific, at 4000 degrees. It’s called super Ionic Ice. You see, for every meter we go up in the atmosphere, voltage in the air increases about 100-150 volts. At 75 miles high where the firmament is, there is a lot of voltage in this super ionic ice.

Approximately 3000-6000 years ago, a massive chunk of ice, attached to the Dome of God, fell on what is now Saginaw Michigan. This massive chunk of Ice, estimated to be literally a mile thick and half the size of the entire US, hit Saginaw, and performed a perfect ” Ice cavitation shrapnel explosion effect. This super Ionic Ice, from the dome of God, at 4000 degrees F, impacted primarily on what is now the Carolina Bays. Until now, we really did not realize that this was a Creation gift to humanity from God.