The Legend

As the legend goes, during the American Revolutionary War, there was a battle near Windy Hill Creek in South Carolina between British soldiers and American loyalists. Four British soldiers were mortally wounded and the British officers delegated two caretakers to bury the wounded. The Native Indians, who were friendly to both sides, told the British officers they would take the soldiers to a stream that would heal them. The British officers responded “Fine, our regiment leaves from the port of Charleston, SC in 6 months. If you are there, it’s wonderful. If not, God speed.”

6 months later, to the astonishment of the British officers, all six returned to the port of Charleston and their wounds were completely healed and they all seemed rejuvenated. Thus the legend was born and lives to this day

From the exact same Legendary stream, touched by the hand of God in the Carolina Bays, we now present to you the world’s most sought after and powerful water.